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Knoxville Convention Center Sustainability
Knoxville Convention Center is the first convention center in Tennessee to be certified LEED Silver for Existing Buildings from the USGBC and Green Certified through the TN Green Hospitality Certification program.
You may be asking what this means, this certification demonstrates Knoxville Convention Center's dedication to green Initiatives!
Initiatives Include:
  • Recycling is an easy process due to the single stream recycling program that allows all recyclables to be deposited into the same waste containers.
  • All stationery is printed on recycled paper
  • The largest city-owned solar photovoltaic system, consisting of more than 450 panels installed on the roof, provides more than 120 kilowatts of power.
  • Live trees inside the center help clean the air and support the oxygen/carbon dioxide exchange.
  • Unused food is donated to local food banks, totally four ton annually
  • Employees have been trained in “green cleaning” techniques and product use. We use green chemicals, dispensers that distribute proper concentration and microfiber cleaning cloths and mops, which eliminate spread of germs and bacteria.
We are excited to partner with Knoxville Convention Center and support their sustainability practices!