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How to Navigate Shuttles

Hello! We are so happy you are joining us for the 2023 SAVMA Symposium hosted by the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). Transportation during the event is provided by shuttle transit systems through different companies. Read all the information below so that you know what to expect. If you have any questions, please contact

Short and Sweet: Shuttles at SAVMA Symposium

We will have shuttles active throughout each day starting at 7:00am. The shuttles will depart from I Hotel, and will make the following stops (in this order): 

I Hotel > Veterinary Basic Sciences Building > Home 2 Suites > Hilton Garden Inn > Holiday Inn > I Hotel

Shuttles A, B, and C will also be including Illinois Terminal (45 E University Ave).

Special exceptions:

  • On Friday, 3/17 starting at 4pm, shuttle service will begin to include the City Center. Shuttle service will cease at 12:00am
  • On Saturday, 3/18 starting at 8:00pm, shuttles will begin to include the City Center. Most social events are within walking distance of Illinois Terminal. Shuttle service will cease at 1:30am.
  • On Sunday, 3/19 starting at 3pm, shuttles will start to include the Illini Union. Shuttle service will cease at 12:00am
  • On each day, shuttle service will stop including Veterinary Basic Sciences Building at 5:00pm
  • On Saturday 3/18, attendees of the 5K or Bovine Palpation Competition will be able to access shuttles starting at 6am.
  • Day trips and select social events will have designated shuttles (read more below). 

Additional Information on Shuttle Routes

First, if you are arriving at the Illinois Terminal, the location in the image above (spot marked in a red box) is the designated shuttle pick up area. For safety reasons, you will be asked to present your virtual SAVMA Symposium ticket (located on our Symposium app*) to use this shuttle to get to the hotels. It is also recommended you bring your driver’s license or state ID with you, since this terminal will work as a stop for reaching nearby social events.

*Symposium app will be available prior to the event

Second, all day trip events will leave from the I Hotel and Conference Center. Plan to arrive at the I Hotel at least 15 minutes before departure so that you can successfully find the shuttle and ask questions if necessary. Shuttles will be waiting at the east parking lot of I Hotel (highlighted above). Drivers or volunteers will be holding signs indicating the event.

Transportation by Elegant Limos

Champaign business Elegant Limos will provide transportation for the Brewery Tour and Kitten Yoga events on Saturday, 3/18.

Brewery Tour of Champaign-Urbana will have a designated Elegant Limos shuttle bus (pictured below). Attendees of this event will be picked up and dropped off at I Hotel. Arrive at I Hotel at 1pm on 3/18 for a timely departure, and be on time for all pick up times so you are not left behind.

Strike a Pose with Kitties: Yoga by BluePearl will have a separate Elegant Limos trolley (pictured below). Arrive at I Hotel by 7:30am on 3/18 for a timely departure if you plan to attend the first session from 8-9am. The trolley will loop back around to the I Hotel for attendees of the 9a-10a session. 

Transportation by UIUC Shuttles

The Illini team has also provided shuttles that will be used for conference transportation and day trips (excluding the special trips above). These shuttles will be labeled (1,2,3). It is up to the attendee to coordinate what shuttle they need to be on for their designated day trip. These shuttles will work in a continuous loop; however, day trip pick-up will happen at I Hotel. Plan for 20-30 minutes for the entire circuit.

Shuttles 1, 2 and 3 will run on a loop from 8am-5pm (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

Sunday Day Trips are within walking distance of our vet med campus, but the shuttle will continue to run in a loop between the vet med campus and hotels.

Specific event pickup times for Friday and Saturday and shuttle #s below.


Day Trip Information:

Friday, March 17, 2023 

Shuttle 1: Beckman Institute Trip (405 N Mathews Ave, Urbana, IL 61801)
Time of pick up from I Hotel: 9:30am 

Saturday, March 18, 2023

Shuttle 1: Hardy’s Reindeer Ranch (1356 County Rd 2900 N, Rantoul, IL 61866)
Time of pick up from I Hotel: 9:30am

Transportation by Top Fleet Shuttles

Chicago business Top Fleet has provided shuttles that will be used for conference transportation and Social Events (excluding the Brewery Tour and Kitty Yoga as detailed above). These shuttles will be labeled (A,B,C). It is up to the attendee to coordinate what time to be on the shuttle for the desired social event. These shuttles will work on a continuous loop.

Example: continuous circuit for St. Patrick's Day Opening Gala with the Boy Band Review at The City Center (above). 

Example: continuous circuit for Drag Show at The City Center (above). Note: Drag Show will have a shuttle switch A-C stop service at Midnight, shuttles Y and Z will take over service until 1:30am.

Example: continuous circuit for Closing Ceremony at Illini Union (above).

Social Event Hub: Illinois Terminal is an attendee transportation travel pick up/drop off and social event hub. For safety, bring your school ID or some form of symposium attendance verification (Symposium App can be used). Most social events are within a mile walk from the terminal. It is up to the attendee to get to Illinois Terminal at the end of an event to be taken back to the hotel.

Transportation for the night ends at midnight Friday/Sunday, and at 1:30am Saturday, so plan accordingly.  

Top Fleet Shuttles Y and Z

VEG Evening Social at Jupiter’s at the Crossing

The shuttles for this event will go to all 4 hotels, and to Jupiter’s. The shuttles will be labeled Y and Z to avoid confusion with the rest, and start the route 30 mins-1 hour before the event. After VEG event is over, this shuttle will begin transportation to the Drag Show at the City Center (see above for details).